Prytania Market Update April 2018

2018 strong CLO supply starts to weigh on markets spread

Prytania Market Update March 2018

Athena’s Strong 2017 Performance Recognised

Prytania Market Update February 2018

Structured to withstand storms: the positive impact of rising rates on our funds

Prytania Market Update December 2017

Tightening labour market to the rescue for the UK?

Prytania Market Update January 2018

Global Structured Credit : 2018 Expected to be Another Good Year

Prytania Market Update November 2017

European CLO spreads tightening in the face of booming issuance

Prytania Market Update September 2017

The rise and fall of the UK Consumer

Prytania Market Update July 2017

US CLOs: is there value in refi or reset paper?

Prytania Market Update May 2017

UK election surprise but no concern – yet – in the markets

Prytania Market Update April 2017

European CLO Equity: Locking in liabilities at post-2009 tights has long term value

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